You-Tube Videos of CorRoll & 1-Way Technologies

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These animations were produced in an attempt to give a tangible feel for the affect CorRoll and 1-Way Printing could have in one specific area: Display Booths at Expositions.

The first is an example Theater. This booth would be constructed with two novel technologies, CorRoll and 1-Way Printing. The first is for rapidly deployable 3-D structures and the second is to make walls appear and disappear (become transparent).

With this a presentation can be taking place in the Theater without distraction from the outside, but people on the outside can be drawn in by seeing and hearing the excitement.

The second uses the same technologies. A person climbing this rapidly deployable tower at a show or exposition could see out (see the sites) but no one could see in (for modesty). It is displayed semi-transparent from the outside just to show the structure.

They were produced some time ago and I am trying to locate the original files to slow them down and lighten them up.


Complicated Sharing a Broad Range of Innovations

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The novel product and business concepts that I has been inspired with cover a broad range of industries and issues. I would very much like to share many of these concepts in brief here. It is a struggle, though, figuring out what can be shared without exposing deeply proprietary concepts that have not yet had any protection implemented.

I used to employ a tool that was fairly simple and quick to implement, The Document Disclosure Program, but that has been eliminated by the Patent and Trademark Office. The simplest and least expensive means available at this point is a Provisional Patent, but that still takes a significant amount of time and some financial resources. In the past I have typically not initiated patent efforts until the related product were almost ready for distribution.

I will initially here just list a few of the concepts and related potential product families. Once I figure out how to share a little more depth without exposing unprotected proprietary concepts, I will add those descriptions in this blog. Please keep looking back to this blog for more details.

A Few Unique Concepts
– The Rigid Air Concept with many related products such as a family of inflatable foot-launched sail planes
– The CorRoll Structure also with 100’s of related potential products, like a rapidly deployable fire wall to help fight forest fires
Bypasses From Above (enough said for now)
– Major improvements in Hot-in-place Asphalt Recycling Machines that can be driven over while they work
– Solar Powered, Uniquely Shaped Airship for Tourism, with major innovations

There are many more Concepts and Products, but this should give a little flavor of where my mind has been much of the past 30 some years. Please comment on these and keep looking back for more ideas and details.

Thanks for your interest!

Recycle Poll

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